Monday, 21 March 2011

Tweeting and Flickering away

I've recently taken the plunge into the world of Twitter and Flickr (already have Facebook account and so does everyone else and their granny it would seem). Actually more impressed with what's on offer in both of these services/ social networks (whatever you want to call them). The communities seem more vibrant and geared towards their respective industries and post handy links and articles as well. Don't get me wrong their is the a few random comments, but that goes hand in hand with these kind of sites. I also like the customisation that can be produced in Twitter, you can edit your background, colour schemes. Which make your page a little more personal and can conform  I'm in the throws of uploading  images to Flcikr, I think this will be a very handy resource and good way of showcasing some of my designs and illustrations. If you yourself fancy taking the plunge check out my nobel efforts and see what you think:

4 Networking Breakfast April 20th

I'm looking forward to attend my first networking breakfast on April the twentieth at the Waverly Tearooms. Will be a great opportunity to meet fellow entrepreneurs and established businesses as well. Would recommend checking out he 4networking site (, seems like a good place to make some contacts and possibly generate some business.